To Mars and Back

Today she told me she loved me
To Mars and back,
The moon far too close to be sufficient.

I remember her little crinkled nose
Which she insists is nothing 
Like Mamá's 
And her cottoned cries
Made of cats and sheep
Far away in a hospital room
But close enough to know
They were hers, she was born, I was hers.

She, whose eyes barely had unglued
To a world far too bright and full of corners,
Piercing sounds and steady beeps,
And I, the carrier of tickles and cuddles, bicycles and chess boards,
Flying kisses and sleeping tales,
forever bonded.

All my dreams made flesh,
I'm the first to wrap her in my arms,
Resting her warm inside my Tshirt
Kissing the top of her head
To smell the sweetness of her,
To dream of a future full of her,
where I am grateful she will be
the only soul in this world 
To love me back
To Mars and back, 
Even after I am long gone.

By Sam C

I’m a railway signalling project manager and a part time writer and photographer, originally from the Canary Islands and now adopted by the United Kingdom. I’m also studying at the university of Warwick a Part-time MSc in Programme & Project Management.

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