I think she said she loved meOnce.It must have been long agoIn a dreamIn the lyrics of a hopeful song:If Destroyed Still True.TodayI found her doodle in a notebook page.Next to her photos.I almost didn’t rememberOr recognise her.I wonder what happenedTo the smile I gave her.What crimes I committed since,What destruction of me will be… Continue reading I.D.S.T.

To Mars and Back

Today she told me she loved me To Mars and back, The moon far too close to be sufficient. I remember her little crinkled nose Which she insists is nothing Like Mamá’s And her cottoned cries Made of cats and sheep Far away in a hospital room But close enough to know They were hers,… Continue reading To Mars and Back

Butterflies 🦋

🦋 I have again butterflies, tickles inside of me, a “looking forward to” heart. I have on my skin the hope of knowing that the endings, even if abrupt, are required. I will never be the same, but I learned that whoever loves you well, exists. And who does not, does not matter. That what… Continue reading Butterflies 🦋

Al morir la promesa, nada sigue.

When promises die, the nothingness dies in your lips. Brave is such a five letter word. Tears do not feel enough. And tomorrow, at first light, we will remember again why we fought and capture it in a golden little box of pain, but for barely ten seconds before waking. I should live those ten… Continue reading Al morir la promesa, nada sigue.


I fell in love with the unattainable fortress, fires inside that I could only spy from afar. I gave my heart away, carelessly, in exchange for NOTHINGness. I kept forever the secret, and you kept it too. And when I tried to pull back, from the brink of you, Sargasso sea, harshness and marble, you… Continue reading Fortress