I think she said she loved me
It must have been long ago
In a dream
In the lyrics of a hopeful song:
If Destroyed Still True.

I found her doodle in a notebook page.
Next to her photos.
I almost didn't remember
Or recognise her.

I wonder what happened
To the smile I gave her.
What crimes I committed since,
What destruction of me will be deemed enough.

Can I withstand it, l
Will I survive it?

I wish I could reach back and say
To that girl that I was.
If Destroyed Still True.
At least it may have been true once.

And you might have been loved
If only for a while,
In the distant land of old,
In the memory of someone who forgot.

Will you be strong enough
To stay the course?
To love with an open heart?
To be willing, to still be True?
To do it, all over again,
With someone new,
From the beginning?
Even if you know how it all might end?
To brave under the same stars?

If Destroyed Still True.
If Not Destroyed Still True.

She does not matter anymore,
The night of the Furies has ended
The light is back.

And the Phoenix will raise
from the ashes
Once more.
It's not like I haven't done it before.

By Sam C

I’m a railway signalling project manager and a part time writer and photographer, originally from the Canary Islands and now adopted by the United Kingdom. I’m also studying at the university of Warwick a Part-time MSc in Programme & Project Management.

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