Al morir la promesa, nada sigue.

When promises die, the nothingness dies in your lips. Brave is such a five letter word. Tears do not feel enough. And tomorrow, at first light, we will remember again why we fought and capture it in a golden little box of pain, but for barely ten seconds before waking. I should live those ten… Continue reading Al morir la promesa, nada sigue.

My beautiful Gail (Rookie Blue Golly Fanfic)

Gail and Holly kiss from Rookie Blue

Post 5×07 episode (Holly’s voice) It was my fault. I knew I should have sent someone else to deliver the thumb. I tried for so many weeks to stay away and not think of her, not remember the lines of her lips, the promise of her eyes. I gave up on us. She wouldn’t reply… Continue reading My beautiful Gail (Rookie Blue Golly Fanfic)


And you came, with the Northern wind and the sea in your eyes, and everything has changed. I was never so petrified of falling into the abyss, but I let myself go, because I want to, because I am unable of wanting anything else. I’ve got an incandescent heart in spite of enigmatic doubts, forged… Continue reading Victoria


I fell in love with the unattainable fortress, fires inside that I could only spy from afar. I gave my heart away, carelessly, in exchange for NOTHINGness. I kept forever the secret, and you kept it too. And when I tried to pull back, from the brink of you, Sargasso sea, harshness and marble, you… Continue reading Fortress