To Mars and Back

Today she told me she loved me To Mars and back, The moon far too close to be sufficient. I remember her little crinkled nose Which she insists is nothing Like Mamá’s And her cottoned cries Made of cats and sheep Far away in a hospital room But close enough to know They were hers,… Continue reading To Mars and Back

Butterflies 🦋

🦋 I have again butterflies, tickles inside of me, a “looking forward to” heart. I have on my skin the hope of knowing that the endings, even if abrupt, are required. I will never be the same, but I learned that whoever loves you well, exists. And who does not, does not matter. That what… Continue reading Butterflies 🦋

Al morir la promesa, nada sigue.

When promises die, the nothingness dies in your lips. Brave is such a five letter word. Tears do not feel enough. And tomorrow, at first light, we will remember again why we fought and capture it in a golden little box of pain, but for barely ten seconds before waking. I should live those ten… Continue reading Al morir la promesa, nada sigue.

My beautiful Gail (Rookie Blue Golly Fanfic)

Gail and Holly kiss from Rookie Blue

Post 5×07 episode (Holly’s voice) It was my fault. I knew I should have sent someone else to deliver the thumb. I tried for so many weeks to stay away and not think of her, not remember the lines of her lips, the promise of her eyes. I gave up on us. She wouldn’t reply… Continue reading My beautiful Gail (Rookie Blue Golly Fanfic)


I fell in love with the unattainable fortress, fires inside that I could only spy from afar. I gave my heart away, carelessly, in exchange for NOTHINGness. I kept forever the secret, and you kept it too. And when I tried to pull back, from the brink of you, Sargasso sea, harshness and marble, you… Continue reading Fortress